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[:es]Victory Gunner Cafe Racer de Tattoo Projects[:en]Victory Gunner Cafe Racer by Tattoo Projects.[:]

[:es]Victory Gunner Cafe Racer – Tattoo Projects. Puro músculo americano con un toque racer. Así es este trabajo realizado bajo la marca Victory Motorcycles. A pesar de ser uno de los fabricantes más jóvenes en el mundo de las dos ruedas, ha demostrado a todo el planeta que merece la pena tenerla en cuenta.

Sus motores de alta cilindrada, par de motor alto, componentes modernos de alta calidad y un toque de la vieja escuela, hacen que estas máquinas sean un auténtico dulce para los apasionados de las motos americanas.

Victory Gunner Cafe Racer by Tattoo Projects

Tattoo Projects, la agencia de publicidad encargada de la comercialización de la casa estadounidense, ha dado vida a esta Victory Gunnertransformada. Cuando se ponen cómodos y dejan los papeles en la oficina, hacen bichas como esta ¡Arrgg! Como tiene que rugir por dios.

Sin duda alguna, la parte más destacada de este proyecto ha sido la modificación del subchasis y el asiento. Eligiendo una posición más alta y recortada.

Victory Gunner Cafe Racer by Tattoo Projects

Siguiendo con los cambios, puedes apreciar:

  • Horquilla invertida procedente de una Suzuki GSX-R.
  • Tijas ajustadas a medida.
  • Caja de fusibles y ECU bajo el asiento.
  • Batería más pequeña junto con parte del sistema eléctrico, alojados en un compartimento de cuero.
  • Neumáticos de dibujo clásico Firestone Deluxe Champion.
  • Frenos delanteros Tokico.
  • Retrovisores con forma de lágrima.
  • Dos faros delanteros de estilo Street Fighter.
  • Manillar bajo Biltwell.
  • Velocímetro de LED Motogadget Motoscope Mini.
  • Depósito de combustible modificado.
  • Tapón del tanque de gasolina estilo Monza.
  • Colas de escape tipo megáfono en acero inoxidable.

Victory Gunner Cafe Racer by Tattoo Projects

Toda una lista de mejoras que te hacen ver una Victory Gunnerbrutal. Empezando por la parte delantera deportiva, siguiendo por el depósito estilizado, continuando con el pedazo motor en V, y finalizando la obra con unos neumáticos bestiales y un perfecto asiento Cafe Racer.

Este artículo ha sido cogido de la comunidad Cafe Racer Pasión, puedes verlo en el siguiente enlace:

Victory Gunner antes de ser transformada



Datos generales

Longitud total (mm) 2732
Distancia entre ejes 1647
Altura del asiento 635
Distancia libre al suelo 120
Peso 294.0
Peso con carga 523
Capacidad depósito combustible 17.0
Depósito de aceite 4.7

Ficha técnica Victory Gunner

Cilindrada (cc) 1.7
Carrera de cilindros (mm) 101 mm x 108 mm
Relación de compresión 9,4 : 1
Alimentación Inyección electrónica con cuerpo doble de 45 mm
Arranque Eléctrico
Embrague Multidisco en baño de aceite
Suspensión delantera Horquilla telescópica convencional
Recorrido suspensión delantera (mm) 75
Suspensión trasera Monoamortiguador gas, precarga de muelle ajustable
Freno delantero Disco flotante con pinza de 4 pistones
Freno trasero Disco flotante con pinza de 2 pistones
Neumático delantero Dunlop 491 E2-RWL – 130/90 B16 67H
Llanta delantera 3,5 x 16″ in
Neumático trasero Dunlop 491 E2-RWL – 140/90 B16 77H
Llanta trasera 3,5 x 16″ in

[:en]At just eighteen years old, Victory Motorcycles is one of the youngest marques on the planet. And their current cruiser range has a distinctly modern aesthetic—a hard sell for potential owners looking for the American heritage vibe.

Rudy Banny is the founder of Tattoo Projects, the ad agency that handles Victory’s marketing. “One of the issues we deal with on a regular basis, is Victory’s youth,” he says. “It seems a lot of consumers out there find Victory’s futuristic, modern design quite polarizing.”

“But it’s something that we at Tattoo have gotten Victory to embrace. It’s modern American muscle.”

When Tattoo aren’t working on campaigns for some of the US’s top brands, they build custom motorcycles. And when Rudy managed to get a Victory Gunner onto his bench, he couldn’t resist the urge to roughen it up.

“I took it upon myself to take all of that awesome, bad-ass modern American muscle, and package it up in an old-school bobber-café.”

The biggest visual hit is the new tail section. Tattoo wanted to fit one of their favorite brat-café-style seats: a Nitroheads. This meant that they could trim off most of the subframe—opening up the rear end and giving the stock swingarm a stretched look.

Custom aluminum gussets were made to support the seat, and to box in the simplified ECU and fuse box setup. The battery was swapped for a smaller Ballistic unit, but this (and a few electrical components) needed a new home. So local leather specialists Colsen Keane were roped in to make up a one-off battery pouch.

To complement the new back-end, Suzuki GSX-R forks and custom-made triple trees were fitted up front. A 3.5×16 rim was laced up with stainless steel spokes, and upgraded with a dual braking disc setup. And yes, the tires are Firestone’s infamous Deluxe Champions. (“We haven’t given up on them yet,” Rudy smiles.)

The cockpit’s been finished with a mix of parts. Arlen Ness teardrop mirrors hint at the bike’s origins, while dual headlights give it a touch of streetfighter style. The handlebars are Biltwell Tracker units, and the speedo is Motogadget’s tiny MotoScope Mini LED model.

Tattoo’s biggest challenge was switching out the Victory Gunner’s wide, teardrop-shaped fuel tank. “A big reason these tanks are difficult to modify,” explains Rudy, “is that the tunnel is very unique, due to the split, wishbone-style backbone of the frame.”

The team modeled a smaller, simpler tank, and had Brendon Thompson from Elite Metal Designs ‘Frankenstein’ the stock tunnel onto the new tank. A Monza filler cap was installed, but other than that the tank’s been left unfinished. Rudy’s still deciding whether or not he wants to paint it.

The last stop was the engine—but with the Victory already pushing out a respectable 97 horses, and weighing 100lbs less now, the mods were minimal. There’s a Lloydz Torque Tube intake to help it breathe, adjustable timing gear and a new fuel control unit. Custom exhaust headers capped with stainless steel Cone Engineering mufflers round things out.

Rudy says he “deliberately took a very modern American motorcycle and distressed the hell out of it.” Tattoo’s stark Victory Gunner is certainly a departure from the factory version, and a muscle bike we wouldn’t mind owning.

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